Sun protection – sunscreen, wide-brim hat, sunglasses, etc.

Your own first-aid kit and toiletries.

Sneakers/walking shoes.

Insect repellent.

Personal torch, even if you are only coming for the day.

There is only bore water available at Bawaka. Therefore, we suggest you bring enough drinking water with you for your trip.

Do not bring boats, trailers, alcohol or pets.

If you are providing your own food

If you are providing your own food, please make sure you have enough food to be self-sufficient for the day or the number of days you are staying. Covering: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as there is no other access to food at Bawaka.

No swimming

You are in crocodile country, so swimming is allowed, except at your own risk and only under supervision from the Yolngu landowners. It is recommended that you wear modest clothing that is respectful of Yolŋu culture.

Crocodile Country

You are in crocodile country everywhere in North Australia. So please stay well clear of the water’s edge. Crocodiles can launch themselves out of the water up to three metres. We recommend that you always stand five metres back from the water’s edge and never with your back to the water, as you might not notice subsurface eyes that are watching. If you have children with you, please make sure they are Croc aware and understand these dangers.


Mobile coverage is extremely patchy and unreliable at Bawaka. Sometimes, it is possible if you stand in the right place. Texting seems to be possible most of the time. There is a free public phone where you can make calls to mobiles anywhere in Australia. The phone number is (08) 8987 3433. However, it is situated away from the accommodation area, and no one will hear it ring. The Bawaka Care-Taker’s mobile is 0438 266 249.

Please enjoy your stay at our unknown paradise.