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Come experience

Yolŋu culture


Come experience

Yolŋu culture


Gululu bukmak Bawakalili

Welcome everyone to Bawaka

Bawaka, which means Unknown Heaven, was so named by the Macassan visitors to Bawaka centuries before Captain James Cook “discovered” Australia. There are many options to visit this internationally acclaimed heavenly place on the shores of Port Bradshaw, on the Gove Peninsula in Eastern Arnhem Land. Bawaka is located 55 kilometres from Nhulunbuy, approximately a one-hour drive.

You will enjoy your time here with extensive pearly white sand, azure blue water, the famous Lonely Beach NT site and picturesque beachfront cabins. This remote jewel offers relaxing Homeland visits for just the day. Or stay for a day or more. We are also world famous for our life-changing Bawaka Cultural Experience conducted by our family, the local Gumatj Burarrwanga People.

Bawaka is changing its business model to allow our family to be more fully in control of our business. As part of that, we are in the middle of setting up a new Online booking system.

In the meantime, please see the information under TOURS if you want to book a visit to Bawaka, Accommodation, Camping and Cultural Experiences.

Special Bawaka Cultural Experience

These Special Bawaka Cultural Experience require special booking and are not part of the daily Visits or standard Accomodation stays.

Special Bawaka Cultural Experiances

Bawaka Experience offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from custodians of the oldest living culture in the world.

Upon arrival to Bawaka, you will be met by senior leaders of Bawaka homeland where you will be welcomed to Country through a traditional ceremony involving buŋgul (dance ceremony) and smoking ceremony.

During your time at Bawaka, you will have a chance to partake in a number of cultural activities that are still practiced by homeland residents. These activities are heavily dependent on the weather conditions and time of year, but may include learning basic Yolŋu Matha, weaving, bush food and medicine, spear throwing, fishing and dancing.

No visit to Bawaka is complete without a visit to the famous Ŋalarrk (Lonely Beach), a short drive from Bawaka.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bawaka soon.

100% Aboriginal owned

Bawaka Aboriginal Corporation is proudly 100% Aboriginal owned and managed.

Community-based tourism

Bawaka Aboriginal Corporation is focussed on creatiing long lasting benefits for our community, through tourism. 

Two worlds learning

At Bawaka homeland we want to share our Yolŋu education with the world

Environmentally friendly practices

Bawaka homeland is 100% off grid. Electricity is generated by the sun and we seek to minimise our impact on the environment.

See TOURS above for Packages and Prices

Please make booking by phone or email

Bawaka wants to hear from groups who want special culture experiances. From large corporate groups or collages. Please get in touch with us and have an eperiance that will change your life.

Tours and visit can be booked by phone 8am to 5pm AEST or email on As the Bawaka team is currently working on a numbers of items, we appreciate your patience at this time.

To book by phone 0457458543


Email inquire to


new family

We will welcome you into our home with open arms.

Our community members will be your new family and we all have our own stories to share with you.

The Bawaka homeland community also comes together to help our tour leaders, creating a friendly and inclusive environment for you to enjoy your time with us.

Timmy Djawa Burarrwaŋa

Rita Wopurruwuy Gondarra

Diana Djawundil Maymuru

Theo Dimathaya Burarrwaŋa

Aaron Nalkuma Burarrwanga

Sasha Rriwandi Burarrwanga


from the homeland


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