Important Visitors Information

By booking the accommodation or program, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions. So please read.

There are no extra charges for the NLC permit requirements or card fees. All are included in your purchase fee.

Cancellation Policy

Being a very small business with many extra remote-related overheads, we need to maximise our income from our small Yolngu business. Cancellations often result in empty rooms and loss of vital income. Therefore, the following conditions apply:

Cancellation Rules

  1. For cancellations outside of 30 days, you can receive a refund of the amount paid minus a $150 admin fee.
  2. Cancellations within 30 days prior to arrival, all monies will be forfeited.
  3. No refunds can be given in the event of non-arrival, unused services or accommodation nights, due to flight and/or weather disruption.
  4. Outside 30 days, dates can be amended for no extra charge.
  5. Please see our travel insurance recommendations below.

Other Conditions

We do not charge for children under 4. Children 4 – 16 years old are charged at half price.

All rates are quoted in Australian Dollars and include GST (Goods and Services Tax).

Bawaka Experience:

  1. Reserves the right to alter the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances or cultural reasons.
  2. Accepts no responsibility for any loss of or damage to your personal property.
  3. Will not be held accountable for any personal injury or illness to the client during the course of your stay at Bawaka Home Land.
  4. Recommends that all clients take out adequate traveller’s insurance to cover:
    • Costs arising from their cancellation of a booking due to unforeseen circumstances
    • Loss and damage to property.
    • Personal injury and illnes

Bawaka is 51klm from Nhulunbuy; half of the road is well-formed, and the rest is a bush track that can have wash outs due to tropical storms. So take good care while driving on these bush tracks.

Please Note

The last 5km into Bawaka is a beautiful sandy tidal beach drive. For the beach drive, place your vehicle into low-range four-wheel drive. If the sand is soft reduce your tyre pressure to 20psi/138kpa. Please follow the existing tyre tracks and the signs if there are any at different times of the year.

Before driving to Bawaka

Paid customers driving to Bawaka need to contact the Care-Taker on 0499146726. Please do all booking directly on line at the booking tab on the home page not through this number.

By contacting the Cartaker they will know when you are coming and to assess the level of assistance you might need, at different times of the year. Things like tide levels and damage to bush roads due to tropical storms will be assessed against your vehicle’s capability and your driving experience. For example, some vehicles have a lower clearance than others. Meaning you can get bogged.

You will be also given the number to the locked access gate.

Remember will be in crocodile and buffalo country, so please take extra care as you drive into Bawaka. So do not just run down to the water’s edge on arrival. Please treat all the waterways in Arnhem Land as potential homes for crocodiles.

No boats, trailers, alcohol or pets are allowed.

There are some areas off-limits due to their sacred nature.

Things you need to bring.

Sun protection – sunscreen, wide-brim hat, sunglasses, etc.

Your own first aid kit and toiletries.

Sneakers/walking shoes.

Insect repellent.

Personal torch even for day visits in case you get stuck somewhere on the way home and are still travelling at night.

There is only bore water available at Bawaka. Therefore, we suggest you bring enough drinking water with you for your trip.

If you are providing your own food

If you are providing your own food, please make sure you have enough food to be self-sufficient for the day or the number of days you are staying. Covering: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as there is no other access to food at Bawaka.

No swimming

You are in crocodile country, so swimming is not allowed. Entering the water in any way should occure only under supervision from the Yolngu landowners. They usually have a spear in hand whenever they enter the water.

It is recommended that you wear modest clothing that is respectful of Yolŋu culture.

Crocodile Country

You are in crocodile country everywhere in North Australia. So please stay well clear of the water’s edge. Crocodiles can launch themselves out of the water up to three metres. We recommend that you always stand five metres back from the water’s edge and never with your back to the water, as you might not notice subsurface eyes that could be watching you.

If you have children with you, please make sure they are Croc aware and understand these dangers and are supervised at all time near the waters edge.


Mobile coverage is available around the deck area only, through Wi-Fi connection. You will need to ask for the code if you want to make a call.

There is a public phone where you can make free calls to mobiles anywhere in Australia. That phone number is (08) 8987 3433. However, it is situated away from the accommodation area, and no one will hear it ring. The Bawaka Care-Taker’s mobile is 0499146726.

Please enjoy your stay at our wonderful Paradise.