Bawaka Homeland is limited to 4-wheel drive vehicles and experienced drivers.  There is a 17 km bush track drive from the gate, followed by a 5km beach drive. Depending on road conditions and tides, the caretaker might meet you along the track or instruct you to follow the signs into Bawaka.

Please travel slowly and carefully on all bush tracks, as there are washouts at times, and it is sometimes hard to see vehicles coming in the opposite direction towards you on these narrow bush roads/tracks. Be ready to move over if needed, as most accidents on bush tracks are head-ons.

For the beach drive
Please place your vehicle into low-range four-wheel drive for the beach drive, even if the sand is firm. This will help to stop unwanted wheel track grooving. If you have any trouble with dry sand, please reduce your tyre pressure to 20psi/138kpa. Always follow the existing tyre tracks and the signs.