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customised group tours

Looking for a customised experience to Bawaka? Let us help you craft your dream itinerary – whether it is a customised itinerary, unique event or a personalised guided tour, we can work together to tailor an unforgettable tour to Bawaka homeland for you and your group.

Book by phone 8am to 5pm AEST or email or ring 0457458543

Media opportunities

Bawaka homeland has hosted a number of visits from media over the past decade. We have principles and guidelines to follow for all media and publications. If you are a media organisation or a corporation wishing to visit Bawaka for content to publish, please contact our team to discuss your project in further detail.

We Don’t Need a Map

One of Australia’s leading film-makers, Warwick Thornton, tackles this fiery subject head-on in this bold, poetic essay-fil. We Don’t Need a Map asks questions about where the Southern Cross sits in the Australian psyche.

Hamish and Andy

Hamish and Andy have been a lot of places in our travels, but Australia still tops their list in terms of beauty. No place more so than their trip to Arnhem Land in 2012.

Tales by Light

Dylan River journeys into Arnhem Land, where he participates in a welcoming ritual and films that customs and tribal lifeways of the Yolŋu people at Bawaka homeland.

Going Bush with Cathy Freeman

Setting out from Broome and heading all the way to Arnhem Land, Olympic Champion Cathy Freeman and actor Deborah Mailman reveal the stories behind Australia’s rich cultural heritage.